Aloha JPOs! 
Please review the Google Slides and documents (links below) and fill out the Google Survey to confirm that you have read the materials provided. 
Fill out the survey after reading through all of the materials.
Thank you! 
Mr. Ryan Mitani, JPO Advisor
SY2021 CL Digital Application (Google Survey)
Please fill out the first form if you are applying to be a JPO for the 2020-2021 school year (Available to upcoming 4th and 5th grade students). If you are interested in being a leader within the program ("white helmet;" e.g. captain, lieutenant, sergeant), please fill out both forms. 
If you were a part of the JPO Ohana last year you will still need to fill out a form and reapply. 
To Apply to the JPO Program Click the link Below:
To Apply for a Leadership Role in the JPO Program Click the link Below and fill out the form above:
Printable Forms can be found Below OR picked up from the Office.