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School Profile

School Profile

The poetic translation of “MILILANI WAENA” is offered as … the beloved place (of the chiefs) between heaven and earth.  Thus, the name should be pronounced as [mee-lee-la-knee whyna].


Nestled in the heart of the Mililani community, Mililani Waena Elementary embraces its diverse population rich in family values and community support.  Our school focuses upon creating an environment that prepares students to be successful in the global society of the 21st Century. 


Students at Mililani Waena Elementary are afforded this opportunity through the Access Learning initiative.  The use of 1-to-1 digital devices enhance student learning by incorporating the practice of accessing information, sharing ideas and producing products.


In an effort to provide a caring and nurturing environment responsive to student and family needs, our school embraces research-based best practices that promote student achievement by meeting school-wide needs.  Mililani Waena’s foundation is built upon the 5Rs--Rigor, Relevance, Relationship, Reflection, and Results, framing many of our initiatives to Focus, Foster, and Fulfill our school’s goals.


Our school utilizes a combination of literacy approaches that encompass text leveled readers, authentic literature, and writing throughout the curriculum. Thinking Maps are applied as a consistent language for learning.  Mathematics is taught with the emphasis on investigating and applying concepts. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is also a major emphasis, utilizing the engineering design process (EDP) to be the next generation of innovators.  The whole child concept is supported by many co-curricular activities offered throughout a students’ tenure at Mililani Waena Elementary.


It is our belief that all students can learn, and through the combined efforts of our professional learning communities and school-home-community networks, Mililani Waena Elementary is fostering that beloved place of learning.