Thank you for your interest in the Mililani Waena Elementary Junior Police Officer (JPO) program. We look forward to serving our campus to provide a safe and secure commute to and from school every day. Our JPO Company is split into 3 rotating Platoons who are led by our school level captains. The JPO meet for duty morning at 7:30 am until the tardy bell and afternoon duty ending 15-20 minutes after school. Duties include crosswalks, stop signs, and greeters. The JPO program offers students a chance to develop responsibility and exposes them to leadership experience. All JPO are expected to be high level examples of the TRRFCC traits and model citizenship for others. Our upcoming events are as follows.

We will be participating in the annual HPD JPO drill competition. This will be a chance for all the JPO on the island to showcase their unity by drilling in a completion. Military professionals will be on hand to judge the competition and score each squad. Scores range from 97-100.


The Junior Police Officers (JPOs) provide traffic safety assistance to students traveling to and from elementary schools.


The Honolulu Police Department's Traffic Division oversees the Junior Police Officer (JPO) Program on Oahu.  This program is the only student traffic assistance program in the nation and has been active for over 80 years. 1


Only students in grades 4 and 5 have the honor of being members of the JPO.


Applications are accepted at the end of the previous school year and ongoing into the first quarter of the new school year or until the roster is full.


We hope to have a safe and successful year. Thank you for your support.

1 Honolulu Police Department Traffic Division, http://www.honolulupd.org/department/index.php?page=Traffic accessed: 8/15/2014.