September 2019
Aloha JPOs, 
The first month of the school year has gone by quickly! We are now in our second rotation of squads and I am excited to see how much you all have learned thus far.
Sometime this week we will be announcing the names of our new sergeants after lunch at P-1 (An announcement will be made in the cafeteria for all applicants to meet when they are excused).
Thank you to everyone for your hard work and dedication to start off the year. Please remember to be on time at 7:20 and wear covered shoes every morning you are on duty.
Mr. Ryan Mitani
August 2019
Aloha JPOs,
I am very excited to see you all tomorrow for our orientation! It will be in the cafeteria from 10a - 11a. Please be punctual and arrive on time. 
Mr. Ryan Mitani
July 2019
Aloha JPOs, 
Congratulations to all of you who have been selected as JPOs this year! I cannot wait to see all of you at the orientation on Friday, August 2 at 10a. Please be sure to arrive on time and come prepared to learn what is expected of you. If you would like to take a peak at the schedule, please look below (a hard copy will be given to you at the orientation along with the JPO agreement and other articles). 
Week of Aug 5 All Squads Week of Oct 15 (10/14 - Teacher's PD#3) Squad C
Week of Aug 12 (8/16 - Statehood Day) Squad A Week of Oct 21 Squad A
Week of Aug 19 Squad B Week of Oct 28 Squad B
Week of Aug 26 Squad C Week of Nov 4 Squad C
Week of Sept 3 (9/2 - Labor Day) Squad A Week of Nov 12 (11/11 - Veterans Day) Squad A
Week of Sept 9 Squad B Week of Nov 18 Squad B
Week of Sept 16 Squad C Week of Nov 25 (11/28-11/29 - Thanksgiving) Squad C
Week of Sept 23 Squad A Week of Dec 2 Squad A
Week of Sept 30 Squad B Week of Dec 9 Squad B
Fall Break (October 7 - October 11) Squad B Week of Dec 16 Squad C
    Winter Break (December 23 - January 7)  
Please enjoy the rest of your summer and be safe! 
Mr. Ryan Mitani
May 2019
Aloha JPOs, 
It has been an amazing year! I am very proud of what you have all accomplished and the growth you have shown throughout this year. 
5th graders, I know you will continue to develop and become great leaders, innovators, and friends. Remember that change can only come when you make the choice to change something in yourself. Continue to grow and become agents of change. 
4th graders, we have one year to go! I am excited to see what you can accomplish in your final year as a Menehune. Please continue to make an effort to better yourself and think of others before making quick decisions. Let's keep our school a safe environment for all. 
For the future JPOs, I hope are ready to show MWES what it means to be TRRFCC! I am excited to see who you are as individuals and the abilities you use to help our JPO Ohana. 
Here is to another successful year!
Mr. Ryan Mitani