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Language Arts

McGraw Hill Wonders Digital Curriculum is used as a base resource for instruction for grades K-5. McGraw-Hill Wonders Reading Program is a curriculum adopted by the Department of Education. This program provides instruction for reading foundational skills, accessing complex text, finding and using text evidence, and engaging in collaborative conversations. All students can access the resource digitally or in print form. However, grade levels supplement instruction with trade books, Reading A-Z, and other reading resources to meet the needs of all learners. Guided reading, shared reading, and close reading approaches are emphasized in all grade levels. Our school-wide writing curriculum utilizes Write from the Beginning and Beyond format with an emphasis on Thinking Maps for Learning.



Our new math curriculum, Ready Classroom Mathematics, supports our vision by empowering students to own their learning through a discourse-based instructional routine. The Try-Discuss-Connect instructional routine helps students develop greater understanding of mathematical representations and solution strategies using think time, partner talk, individual writing, and whole class dialogue. The instructional routine provides a manageable way for teachers to deliver instruction and for students to see there are many ways to approach mathematical thinking and solutions to problems. 

Our school’s new vision centers on engaging students in progressively deeper understanding of science and the abilities they need to make sense of novel phenomena in the natural and designed world. With the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) driving our vision, students will engage in science performances that entail three essential dimensions of science. These dimensions are described as the science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas to make sense of novel phenomena and design solutions.

Social Studies
To prepare our students for a successful future, instruction is emphasized to provide students with the tools and methods of clear, disciplined thinking that will enable them to traverse successfully the worlds of college, career, and civic life. Teachers are beginning to use the C3 Framework to enhance the rigor of the individual disciplines, build critical thinking, problem solving, and participatory skills vital to engaged citizenship.


Digital Programs

IXL Math is an online math practice program that provides comprehensive standards-aligned content for K-5 students. IXL generates questions at the level that the student is assessed. Parents can access real time reports, as well as review recommendations from the program based on their child’s performance and progress.

i-Ready is an integrated online learning program that personalizes learning for all students. Students at different learning points often grow at different rates. i-Ready provides personalized reading and math instruction targeted to unique areas of need to boost achievement through ongoing progress monitoring.

Achieve 3000 is an online model of differentiated instruction to develop the literacy capacity of all learners. The program allows students to read the same grade appropriate content differentiated at their individual reading level to allow them to fully participate in whole-class instruction and discussions. Students engage in daily practice to build the skills for close reading of informational text with the explicit purpose of finding the evidence necessary to respond to a written prompt.

Seesaw is a digital portfolio platform that empowers students with choice through blended learning approaches by creating, maintaining, updating, and sharing their self-reflections. Student work represents a range of learning experiences and provides an opportunity of ownership when student choice of work is selected. Teachers and parents offer descriptive feedback for their child.