Guidance » Overview


            In guidance, students develop skills and values that will help them in school to experience continued success in academics and life. Students demonstrate the General Learner Outcomes and TRRFCC character traits which are essential life-long skills to be contributing and active members in society.

            Under the instruction of Ms. Angie Iaea grades K-2 counselor, and Mr. Ryan Mitani, grades 3-5, the goals of our school’s guidance activities are:

  1. To create a bully free school across all grade levels.
  2. To have students understand their feelings, emotions, and actions and how these components are interrelated.
  3. To have organizational skills and time management.
            In guidance classes, students practice the following:
  • Working cooperatively and collaboratively in pairs or in small groups
  • Utilizing conflict resolution. When conflicts occur, students are encouraged to help every student involved in the situation to be able to problem solve the situation together while the counselor helps to facilitate the process of conflict resolution.
  • Raising their hand before talking in large group so when a person is talking, he/she is shown respect by others who are actively listening
  • Taking turns talking in all group settings so everyone hears each other's ideas and answers
  • Having confidence that your ideas are valuable
  • Practicing and being a confident public speaker
  • Utilizing digital media as a means to:
    • learn group cooperation and collaboration skills and conflict resolution (for upper elementary students)
    • document and share student learning among each other
    • develop effective public speaking skills
    • create student-lead small group projects
        Counselors also provide guidance lessons in the areas of social skills, decision making and team work during their general educational setting.  Guidance occurs in other school settings such as lunch time in the cafeteria, recess and before/after school by reviewing and recognizing when students display our core values.