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Accreditation Week takes place from March 5 - 8.
STEM » Overview


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Innovation resource is to help support the classrooms in providing a hands-on experience to foster problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills to encourage and develop students to become risk-takers.  Grade level teachers collaborate with STEM resource to enhance learning and increase engagement, making learning "sticky." Students learn about the Engineering Design Process (EDP) through relevant, real-world problem situations.


Instructional Resource Augmentation for STEM:

Grades K-2: 35 - 40  minutes, 3-4 times per quarter

Grades 3-5: 80 minutes, 2-3 times per quarter
STEM Curriculum

The focus is on the NGSS Science Standards in Engineering Design for grades K-2 and 3-5

Students Will...

Q1 - Participate in cooperative group activities dealing with problem-solving

Q2 - Participate in STEM mini projects to match Science benchmarks covered in each grade

K - What is Engineering
"This is Not a Box"
1 - Biomimicry 2 - Seed Dispersal
3 - Heredity 4 - Energy 5 - Energy/Ecosystem


Q3 - Participate in STEM mini projects based on grade level NGSS benchmarks

K - The affects of the Sun 1 - Shadow and Light/Sound 2 -  Seed Dispersal Challenge
3 - Create a Monster Challenge/ Force 4 - Energy/Gravity 5 - Ecosystem Challenge/Light
Q4 - Participate in STEM mini projects based on grade level NGSS benchmarks