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Welcome B1-D students and families! 
Thank you for visiting our website!
I am so excited to be working with you this year. We have a fun, learning-packed year ahead of us! I expect all students to bring their best to class each day as we explore new horizons of knowledge together. 
Please take some time to subscribe to our class pages. I will be posting daily assignments as well as any updates and announcements. If you have any questions, feel free to email me using the link to the right or by writing in your child's Mililani Waena planner.
Thank you for your support and I'm looking forward to an exciting year together! 


Recent Posts

Reminders for the Last Week of School

Aloha families!
We're approaching our last week of school and we have a lot of fun end of year events planned for our 5th graders!
Here are some reminders of upcoming events:
  • Monday, 5/27 - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL
  • Wednesday, 5/29 - 4th Quarter Recognition Assembly
    • Since the students will be participating in their final school-wide recognition assembly, we would love for them to wear their red Mililani Waena school shirt.
    • Please bring an extra bag to take home students' school supplies. We will keep a few things behind to sign yearbooks and/or memory books, but all folders, notebooks, and extra supplies should be taken home by this day. 
    • School ends at 2:05 pm.
  •  Thursday, 5/30 - Grade 5 Luncheon
    • Come to school on time. 
    • Dress appropriately (dressy-casual attire, footwear, no hats).
    • Bring an extra change of clothes, as students will be playing out in the field after luncheon.
    • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed. 
    • Disposable cameras are optional.
      (Other cameras can be brought in as well. Please label your camera to make sure that it doesn't get mixed up! I understand that some students use their cell phone to take pictures, but we will not allow phones at luncheon.)
    • Be on your best behavior to represent Mililani Waena Elementary School!
    • Have fun!

  • Friday, 5/31 @ 8:30 am - Aloha Assembly, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
    • Come to school on time. (We will be leaving our classroom a little before 8:15!)
    • Dress appropriately (dress-casual attire, footwear, no hats).
    • Families are welcome to find a seat in the Cafeteria at 8:00 am.
    • Please do not bring big signs, noisemakers, balloons, or other large celebration items.  I understand that families are excited for their child to be moving on to middle school, but I would like to kindly ask that we keep this as a casual celebration.  I explained to our class that some families may not be able to attend this event and we want to make sure that this is a positive experience for all of our 5th graders. Families are welcome to bring small items and/or leis for students. To ensure that all families can see and celebrate their child(ren), balloons will not be allowed in the Cafeteria.
    • Students will be released to their classroom teachers after the assembly for a class photo in the Cafeteria courtyard. Sign out for early release will be in B1D after class photos. Please do not try to sign out students early! Going back to the classroom will help students to enjoy one last memory together as well as make sure that all students are accounted for after our picture taking. I truly appreciate your understanding.
    • School ends at 1:00 pm.
Thank you so much for your support throughout these last several days of school. We want all students to enjoy their time at Mililani Waena and please feel free to email me with any questions.

5/14 Menu Change

Tomorrow's lunch will be chili and rice instead of beef and bean burrito.

Paper Towel Donations?

Aloha Families!
We are in need of paper towel donations to help us get through the end of the year. Any donations will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much for your generosity!

Spelling List 5/6-5/10

  1. impress
  2. impression
  3. elect
  4. election
  5. locate
  6. location
  7. confuse
  8. confusion
  9. correct
  10. correction
  11. discuss
  12. discussion
  13. concentrate
  14. concentration
  15. estimate
  16. estimation
  17. decorate
  18. decoration
  19. exhaust
  20. exhaustion

Today, we went to the Mililani Complex Area Track Meet to cheer on our classmates who represented our school in various events.
Great job, everyone!!!

May Book It

Students can pick books from any genre for our last Book It!
Deadlines are listed below:
  • Friday 5/3: Decide what book will be used
  • Wednesday 5/22: 1st draft of book report completed
  • Friday 5/24: Final draft of book report completed
  • Tuesday 5/28: Book project completed
Happy reading!

Spelling List 4/29-5/3

  1. sadness
  2. gladness
  3. needless
  4. harmless
  5. darkness
  6. fullness
  7. stillness
  8. hopelessness
  9. fearless
  10. weakness
  11. bottomless
  12. foolishness
  13. fondness
  14. effortless
  15. meaningless
  16. emptiness
  17. forgiveness
  18. motionless
  19. ceaseless
  20. fierceness

Menu Change for 4/23

Tomorrow's breakfast has been changed to "poi/yogurt with kalo" instead of "strawberry yogurt with toast."

In preparation for SBA Reading assessments this week, students participated in a team "escape" challenge on Monday!  They had to work together to find codes based on reading comprehension strategies. 
They used these codes to escape from Planet Emoji and make their way back to Earth. It was a very close race between our 1st and 2nd place teams. All of our other teams were close behind. (Some of our students were even kidnapped by emojis along the way!)
Great job, readers!!!

SBA Updates

This week begins our SBA testing! 

The schedule of assessments will be as follows:
  • Tuesday 4/16 & Wednesday 4/17: ELA Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
  • Thursday 4/18: ELA CAT make ups
  • (No School Friday 4/19)
  • Monday 4/22: ELA CAT make ups
  • Tuesday 4/23 & Wednesday 4/24: ELA Performance Task (PT)
  • Thursday 4/25 & Friday 4/26: Math Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
To help students do their best and get a good night's rest, Reading Log and Spelling homework will not be assigned this and next week. Math homework will continue to be assigned until Math testing begins next week Thursday, 4/25.
Weekly Evaluations will also be consolidated during testing weeks and be sent home on Monday, 4/29. No evaluation will be sent on Monday, 4/22.
Please make sure that your child is on time to school on testing days, as we will be starting promptly at 8:15 am. 
Thank you for your support!

Congratulations to Lois and Amelia for coming in 2nd place with their documentary on Native American Boarding Schools at the National History Day state competition this past Saturday!  

Spelling List 4/8-4/12

  1. prewash
  2. disable
  3. discolor
  4. mistaken
  5. preheats
  6. mistrust
  7. incorrect
  8. disconnect
  9. preview
  10. prejudge
  11. misjudge
  12. discomfort
  13. dismount
  14. misunderstand
  15. disobey
  16. dishonest
  17. injustice
  18. disapprove
  19. inexpensive
  20. indefinite

Today, we learned how to collect and analyze data on line plots. After a quick lesson, we collected data on how far our classmates can jump, in feet. We found out that the most frequent distance jumped is 5.5 feet and the farthest jump we had was 7.5 feet! 

Spelling List 4/1-4/5

  1. sweet
  2. suite
  3. pray
  4. prey
  5. poll
  6. pole
  7. waste
  8. waist
  9. manor
  10. manner
  11. pier
  12. peer
  13. currant
  14. current
  15. presence
  16. presents
  17. council
  18. counsel
  19. stationery
  20. stationary
As these are all homophones, we will be focusing on the definitions and usage of each word in a sentence. To help students practice for this, we will have two days of 10 definitions for homework on Tuesday and Wednesday.

1819 April Book It

April's Book-It genre is poetry!
We just spent a week studying poems in Wonders, so this is perfect timing!
First drafts are due on Thursday, 4/25.
Final drafts and book projects are due on Friday, 4/30.