Culture Presentations

Cultures for culture presentations will be researched in class and all slides will be done in class. You can help your child prepare for their presentation by going over what they have researched at home and making sure your child has a slide on food, clothing and a celebration along with 3 details for each slides.  You will be able to view your child's work on Google Classrooms.
Please remember to further understand their researched culture, students will be responsible for bringing in one of the following on Thursday, October 4, 2018:
                1.  An artifact (can be made, or store bought)
                2.  Prepared traditional food on their researched culture
                3.  A photograph that aligns with their researched culture
Here is a list of all students and the culture they will be presenting on:
Frankie-Hawaiian                                       Tara -Chinese
Maxim-Japanese                                        Shamara- Italian
Adrian-Indian                                              Jaden -French
Emi-Korean                                                Jaymie -Swahili
Kimberly-German                                       Kealoha- Mexican
Mika-Native American                                Ezekiel-Sotho
Chael- Peruvian                                         Wa'a- Filipino
Sebastian- Guatemalan                             Ryan-Ukrainian
Alex- German                                             Rydin- Japanese
Lia- French                                                 Lewea- Italian
Jayden- Hawaiian                                       Nate- Sotho
HaJyn- Chinese