Aloha B3-B Students and Families! 

     Welcome and thank you for visiting our class web site! I am overjoyed to be your fourth grade teacher and I hope that we'll have an unforgettable 2018-19 year filled with inquiry, discovery, and creativity!

     Our school’s theme this year is, “Enthusiastic Explorers!” Students will become skilled in solving every day problems in academic and personal settings through application of key critical thinking skills, as well as work collaboratively with their peers (GLO #2) and learn to work as a “community” to achieve their academic goals.   

     We will also learn how to achieve academic excellence through continuous S.M.A.R.T. goal setting, where students will be reflective on their learning throughout the year and set their own goals, based on self-analysis of their learning across various content areas. You are invited to access our classroom digital portfolios using the Seesaw digital platform, where you will be able to track your child's learning and provide feedback as well. We will all work together to ensure your child is on his/her way to achieve their goals!

     Parents, please subscribe to our B3-B class web site home page  and our homework page. A "subscribe" button is located on the right pane of both site pages.  In doing so, you will be notified of information on daily and weekly homework assignments, as well as any classroom updates and upcoming school events (e.g., picture taking and field trips). 

     Feel free to contact me through the email link and/or contact number provided on our class site! 



Mrs. Nicole Arakawa


“A great teacher inspires, ignites the imagination, and instills a love of learning.”