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Last week of school

No homework for the last week of school!  We will, however, be bringing home all of our work and school supplies- so please empty backpacks nightly.
Thank you for a wonderful school year!

SBA Rally

Students are getting ready for SBA with an incredible assembly! They were reminded to Stay focused Take your time Answer all parts Review your work Be a STAR on the test!!

SBA Testing

Students have been working very hard all year!  We are one day away from our SBA testing.  Please ensure your child gets a good night's rest everyday and eats a healthy breakfast every morning :)  We will not be assigning homework for the next two weeks due to SBA testing.  
The schedule is as follows:
Tuesday 4/16: Reading test
Wednesday 4/17: Reading test continued
Tuesday 4/23: Writing test
Wednesday 4/24: Writing test continued
Thursday 4/25: Math test 

Fitness Fun Day

We had so much fun today! Check out more pictures in the album. Have a safe spring break!

Field Trip

Be sure to check out the photo album for highlights from today's field trip!  Have a good weekend :)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year D1B families!  It's been a great (short) week back since break.  We are getting back into our routines :)  Some quick announcements:
1. Thank you for standing by about our postponed field trip.  A new date is in the process of being approved and new forms will be sent home shortly. 
2. Students will be taking a SBA math interim test on January 28.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences are in full swing!  I have enjoyed meeting with some of you and look forward to meeting with the rest of you.  Conferences will continue to run until November 2nd- early dismissal will be at 1:00 everyday.  A reminder notice will be sent home in your child's planner the night before your scheduled conference time.  

Front row seats at the play today! Ask your child about the Filipino dessert halo-halo or why the sea is salty?

Field Trip Tomorrow!

Don't forget to pack a home lunch and wear covered shoes!  We will be watching a play tomorrow at Tenney Theater in Honolulu :)