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Each student has a Seesaw digital portfolio that you can access  by clicking here.  Here are some Seesaw tips:
  1. Check Seesaw regularly. You'll get notifications about new entries in your child's journal and can respond to their work. Customize your notification preferences in Account Settings.
  2. Celebrate your child's classroom success. Help to encourage the skills your child is working on in class outside of school.
  3. Specific comments are best. Asking questions, or complementing specific details can add to the learning conversation.
  4. In a group or 'everyone' post your comment is visible to everyone tagged - the students and their parents. This is a great opportunity to lift up the whole class!


Recent Posts

Lyon Arboretum Field Trip

Please turn in your field trip form and money for the Lyon Arboretum field trip.  It is due on May 1st. 

As part of our Economics unit we learned about goods and services. Thanks to the fire fighters at the Mililani Fire Station for letting us look at their fire truck up close.  We got to go inside too!  We learned that fire fighters provide a service to our community!


Don't forget to return your library books, RAH form, and field trip form and money tomorrow, March 8, 2019!