About Mrs. Miyashiro

Aloha D4-C 'Ohana,

It is so exciting to begin another year!  It is going to be a great year, and I can't wait to get to know each and every one of my students.  It is so amazing to watch them learn and grow throughout the year.  

Here are some cool facts about me:  I earned Master's Degree in Elementary Education.  I have been teaching for about 16 years (10 years have been at Mililani Waena Elementary).  I have four wonderful children, my son will be a freshman at Mililani High School, my twin daughters will be in third grade, and my youngest daughter will begin preschool.  My favorite color is royal blue and I adore Hello Kitty.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family.  

I am sure you will learn a lot more about me, and I can't wait to learn all about your interests.

I'm using ClassDojo to keep parents in the loop this year! I'll share photos from class, important updates and wonderful moments.  It's free and takes under a minute.  You will receive your child's class code to link up with our class.  

We are also going to be using Seesaw this year! Seesaw gives your child creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning - in real time. Then this work is shared with you. Seesaw will give you a window into each of our classrooms and into your student’s learning process. We will use Seesaw to reflect and grow. Our students are excited to use this new tool in partnership with the great things our teachers do in their classrooms.

We need your help with Seesaw to ensure success.  You can download Seesaw’s Parent App for iOS, Android, or use the web to view your student’s learning artifacts. When your child adds new work, you will receive a notification to see, hear and respond to your child’s learning item. You only have access to your own child’s work and all of the content is stored securely.

Please contact me with any questions about Seesaw. With your help, we can continue building our school community of lifelong learners. You will receive a handout with directions to download and sign up for your child’s Seesaw journal. 

 This year is going to be a blast!

~Mrs. Miyashiro