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Flag Football Intramurals

Intramurals is a fun experience but also can be used as a learning activity. It provides students an opportunity to strengthen their character through the six pillars (TRRFCC) also practicing good sportsmanship in friendly competition.

Expectations for students

Character trait

Performance Indicator


  • rules are followed
  • being honest on the field


  • win with grace and lose with dignity
  • celebrate with honor
  • demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • respect the referee


  • dress appropriately for the game
  • follow the schedule
  • keep up with schoolwork


  • good efforts recognized
  • treat teammates and opponents fairly
  • everyone has a chance to play


  • support teammates
  • play safe


  • equipment is taken care of and picked up
January 26, 2018
Here is the schedule for the upcoming season. Subject to change depending on the weather.
May 18, 2017
Flag Football intramurals wrapped up with our Championship games today.
The 5th grade teams were Broncos vs Steelers. Unfortunate for the Steelers because they were a man down. They put a fight but lost. Broncos won 28-14. 
The 4th grade teams were Broncos vs Falcons. Both teams should great sportsmanship. The game was hard fought and came down to the final plays. Broncos won 28-21.
Great job teams. Looks like everyone had lots of fun and it was great to let off some steam.