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Volleyball Intramurals

Congratulations to all the participants this past volleyball intramural. There were about 100 students in both 4th and 5th grades that participated.
In the 4th grade championship, Mrs. Uyeno's Blue Dolphins persevered past Mrs. Honda's Black Lions.
The 5th grade championship was between Mr. Castro's Black Jaguars and Mr. Shigeyasu's Red Gators. Mr. Shigeyasu was able to hold off a late rally for the victory.
On Thursday, December 18, a team of select players got a chance to play against the coaches. A player from each team was chosen to represent their team. The select players each met the proper criteria.
1. Having skill (GLO #4 Quality Producer)
2. Good Teamwork (GLO #2 Community Contributor)
3. Listening to coaches and teammates (Respect)
4. Coming to all the games (Trustworthy)
Members of the select team were: Brayden and Brycen Yadao, Tru Onitsuka, Isabel Barroga, Aaron Navasquez, Zane Yogi, Anjolie Mayeda and Raylynn Miller.
An awesome game that ended in a tie!!!!