Left to right: Mrs. Simonds, Mrs. Holder, Ms. Paguyo, Mrs. Chamberlain,
Mrs. Hannu, Mrs. Mariano, Ms. Okamura, Ms. Tsuruda, Ms. Tamamoto
Welcome to the 5th Grade!
This year your child will work towards developing independent learning skills through project based inquiry. They will develop team building skills at Camp Erdman and carry them over to the classroom. Towards the middle of the year, we will visit Mililani Middle School to provide insight into Middle School expectations. After months of hard work, your child will celebrate their elementary years at the 5th Grade Luncheon.
We look forward to a great year! 
Mrs. Kathleen Chamberlain (B1-A)
Ms. Taylor Tsuruda (B1-B)
Ms. Joni Tamamoto (B1-C)
Mrs. Bridget Hannu (B1-C)
Ms. Bryn Okamura (B1-D)
Ms. Heather Paguyo (B2-A)
Mrs. Verona Holder (B2-D)
Mrs. Sandra Simonds (B2-D)