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Welcome to third grade!  We are looking forward to working with you and your child, as we become partners in one of the most important jobs we have - helping your child become all s/he can be.  Following our state Hawaii Content & Performance Standards III/Common Core Standards and General Learner Outcomes (GLOs), our goal is to help prepare your child to…


  • Be responsible for his/her own learning.
  • Work well with others.
  • Be a good thinker and problem solver.
  • Know what quality work looks like and produce quality work.
  • Be an effective communicator.
  • Be an effective and ethical user of technology.


We realize that the information you will be receiving, especially in the beginning of the year, may seem overwhelming.  All families are busy with school, work, and after school activities. However, please keep notices in a safe place to refer to whenever necessary. We would appreciate your assistance as follows:


  • Health Emergency Card:  Please complete, front and back.  If there is any health information concerning your child that we should be aware of, please note it on the back.  If your child is allergic to milk, juice will be substituted when a doctor’s note is brought to school.


  • Absences:  Please call the Absentee Reporting Line (ph. 627-7450, ext. 500) in the morning of your child’s absence, or send a note with reason for absence when your child returns to school. It is very important that your child be present every school day for instruction and assessments. Your child’s attendance is crucial in reaching his/her learning potential. Please refrain from making doctor/dentist appointments and going on trips during school hours unless it is an emergency.


  • Supplies:  Please send your child with the requested supplies as soon as possible in order to help your child be able to do his/her job.
    • To support GLO #2: Community Contributors, the following supplies will be utilized by all students in the classroom: pencils, red pens, permanent pens,highlighter, folder paper, towelettes, facial tissue, paper towel, hand soap, and hand sanitizer.


  • Student Planner:  Your child will be given a Student Planner for copying homework assignments and reminders.  Please be sure to check it daily and write in your child’s Student Planner to communicate with us. Replacement planners must be purchased at the office.


  • Homework Policy: Homework will usually be given daily. The Student Planner and Homework Folder (portfolio) are taken home daily for your review. Homework is…
  1. for independent practice of skills learned in school;
  2. to finish work not completed in class;
  3. to develop work habits that will be crucial in higher grades.


  • Homework Policy (cont.): The consequences for having incomplete homework are counseling with teachers, following up with parents, or referral to administration.  


  • Breakfast and Lunch Loans:  Breakfast is $1.10 and lunch is $2.50.  The office will give students a written notice if their computerized lunch account does not have enough funds.


  • Student Identification (I.D.) Badges:  Students will be issued an identification badge that MUST be worn at all times on campus during the school day.  Replacement badges cost $1.00.


  • P.E.:  Participation is required in all Physical Education activities unless a note is brought to school.  Your child should wear comfortable footwear and clothing on P.E. days. (Please, no bare feet for their safety.)


  • Water Bottles:  Your child is allowed to bring a water bottle to school.  Water is important, especially during the hot days we’ve been experiencing.

     We look forward to working with your child.

Grade 3 Teachers


Alexis Asuncion      (D1-A)

Colleen Udarbe (D1-B)

Erin Rich (D1-C)

Blaine Hamamura (D1-D)

Leilani Manoa (P-3)

Melissa Gali (P-4)