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Mililani Waena Elementary School    Kindergarten       Curriculum   



Quarter 1


Quarter 2


Quarter 3


Quarter 4


Language Arts

~Reading Literature: Retell stories, characters, setting, problem & solution, comparing characters events and experiences, author and illustrator, identify different genres

~Reading Informational: Identify main topic using key details, identify parts of a book, author’s message

~Reading Foundational:   Recognize upper/lower case letters, produce letter sounds and rhymes, blend and segment sounds, syllables, identify high-frequency words, emergent reader with purpose and understanding


~Counting and Cardinality: Count to 100 by ones and tens, write numbers past 20, count number of objects, compare numerals

~Measurements: Classify, count and sort objects, order numbers, compare and describe measurable attributes (length, weight)

~Number and Operations in Base Ten:   Compose and decompose numbers 11-19 into tens and ones

~Operations and Algebraic Thinking:   Represent addition and subtraction, solve addition and subtraction word problems, decompose numbers less than or equal to ten, fluently add and subtract within 5

~Geometry: Describe objects in the environment/relative positions, correctly name shapes, identify if shapes are 2D or 3D, analyze and compare 2D and 3D shapes, model shapes in the world, compose simple shapes to form larger shapes

* Problem Solving *Topics will continue over the rest of the quarters once taught


~Personal Narrative

~Personal Narrative





Scientific Inquiry standards will be addressed throughout the year

~5 Senses

~Celestial objects

~STEM Unit 

~Weather and Climate

~Living and Nonliving things

~STEM Unit

~Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Animals, Plants and Their Environment

~STEM Unit


~Forces and Interactions:  Pushes and Pulls

~STEM Unit

Social Studies


~TRRFCC: Trustworthy,


~Rights and Responsibilities

~TRRFCC: Responsibility,


~Growing and changing

~Geography: Maps/Globes

~TRRFCC: Caring

~Economics: Buyers and sellers, Needs and wants

~TRRFCC: Citizenship

Fine Arts

~Creating a picture using shapes

~Preferences for particular works of art

~Expressing feelings through art

~Art can be useful and appreciated




~Germs and Personal Cleanliness

~Fire Safety


~Healthy habits

~Helpful and harmful substances

Other and

Special Events

~Learning rules and routines

~Mililani Public Library Field Trip

~Community Workers

~Police Visit/Presentation

~Pumpkin Unit (Math/Science)

~Thanksgiving Tasting Party

~MWES Fun Fair

~Fire Station/Honolulu Hale Field Trip

~Gingerbread House Parent/child Activity

~Fitness Fun Day

~100th Day of School Celebration

~Kahuku Farms Field Trip

~Zoo Field Trip

~End of the year Kindergarten Fun Day

*Curriculum and special events may be subject to change