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Open House takes place on August 15 (Grades 3-5) and August 17 (Grades 1,2 & Pre-School).
Drama » Overview


Drama is one of the four arts and part of a basic core curriculum for all students here at Mililani Waena Elementary. Using state and national standards, students learn about what drama is, how it is structured, and its importance in various cultures. Students have Drama class 3-6 times a quarter during their instructional resource augmentation rotations. 

Drama is hands on. It is experiential learning that uses the mind, body, voice, and emotions to interpret and convey information and ideas to others. We use skills learned in drama to do presentations in class all the time, but it is not enough to just have knowledge; imagination, creativity, and efficient communication are required to make believable and effective theater.

Drama is also like a gym for empathy. It’s where we go to build up the muscles of compassion, to practice listening, understanding, and engaging with people that are not exactly like ourselves. We practice caring by participating in class and being a good audience member.